Krasif Creations is an initiative to help Bulgarian’s help themselves by producing beautiful art & craft products through our partner organisation at the Blue House Care Centre in Sliven, Bulgaria. These small ‘cottage industry’ projects provide paid work for some and part-funding for the centre through sales both in Bulgaria and here in the UK.

We have worked together for over 15 years, and the Blue House provides a range of welfare and nursing services to the local community. Many people have no other possibility to access this kind of help financially.

Exodus 31: 1-6 talks about God gifting people with creative skills to make the tent of the tabernacle and all its contents. We believe that God has and is gifting people at the Blue House with creative and artistic skills that can provide for this vital ministry.

Twice yearly deliveries of the items made in Bulgaria.

If you would like to help...Sample boxes of products are available for 2 months for you to show off to your friends. Just get in touch if you think this is something you could help us with.

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