Supporting Krasif Aid Financially

Here are some important areas where you can support this ministry

Supporting Projects: many of our activities are included in this website. All of them require people, resources and finances. Can you help us here?

Supporting core costs: not quite so emotive but still essential! Such costs include printing, postage, travel etc. We aim to keep our administration and overheads to a bare minimum. Would you help us here?

Supporting our key workers: One of our founding principles is that NO ONE receives a salary from Krasif Aid. All involved are responsible for their own support. Would you help sponsor a worker?

  • is the online fundraising website for Stewardship. Stewardship is the operating name of Stewardship Services (UKET) Limited.
  • Stewardship Services ... for GIFT AIDED cheques over £30, or to make a MONTHLY STANDING ORDER. Sign up to create an account with Stewardship who make it easy and convenient to give financially.
  • The Giving Machine ... is a not for profit online fundraising website that enables online shoppers to give cash donations to any charity, for free. You buy the same products, at the same price, on the same shopping websites as if you went direct but the difference is; by shopping via The Giving Machine you generate free cash donations at no extra cost to you personally.
  • There other fundraising websites which offer a similar type of service. Please consider linking Krasif Aid to any that you use.
  • Cheques (NO Gift Aid) ... can be sent direct to our address on the contact page, please make payable to Krasif Aid