Hand made Felt

The Town of Sliven in Bulgaria, where this project operates from, was the first place in the Balkans where Felt was manufactured. Felt is one of the most durable fabrics around but it is also very tiring and labour intensive to produce it. It is an absolute skill. Despite the fact that I was the teacher for this project I have to admit that they have far surpassed my abilities in production. The quality is superb. However it is good to point out that one scarf takes the majority of 2 days to produce. So when you then look at a figure of £30, you will realise that it truly is cheap for what it is! Also, how wonderful it would be that an old art and craft that began in this place was restored to them. Communism has much to answer for! It has thoroughly brainwashed and put down a nation. It has robbed them of a life. The legacy is it still continues to do so. They are indeed quite paralysed and unable to help themselves retrieve what they have had stripped away. We are privileged to live in a democratic country. We may have our problems but nothing could possibly equate to what Bulgaria has been through and to an extent is still going through! It is within our grasp to help. No-one is asking for huge donations here but simply to HELP them earn a living. NB. Any colour combinations are available but where no white is used there will be a £5 surcharge! REQUEST A COLOUR COMBINATION & DESIGN SCALLOPED SHAWL £30 each LARGE SHAWL £30 each NARROW STYLE £20 each RANDOM TWIRL SCARF £20 each (PLUS £5 if no white is used)
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