Needle Felting

Needle felting is another incredible skill. It is the art of attaching felt designs to a material with the use of a finely barbed needle. Again very time consuming. The designs can be varied and this type of shawl/scarf can provide an all year around wearable item for any weather conditions. It can be a light shawl for a typical summer evening or can be worn also in the winter to accessorize an outfit. Again, each scarf is around 2 day's work! It costs less because the outlay for materials is not as expensive as a fully felted shawl. YOUR OWN DESIGN SHAWL / SCARF (Flowers, Leaves, Circles etc.) Available in Turquoise, Dark Red, Lilac, Dark Brown, Beige, Orange, Spring Green Prices vary depending on length... With tassles £15-£20 Without tassles £20-£30
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