Beautiful bunting in a variety of designs, to make any words to suit you. 

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ABOUT KRASIF CREATIONS… In about 2003 I began a project in Bulgaria making jewellery with a view to try and help them help themselves. They did incredibly well and a humungous amount of jewellery has been made.

Shortly after that we shipped out kilns to begin glass fusing and initially began by just making fused glass pendants.

We sold an incredible amount of jewellery in the UK but came to a point where the market was saturated and so the thinking began to expand into other areas.

We have now set up numerous projects:-

As well as some jewellery we now have… Patchwork and Quilting, Handmade felt, Needle felting, Christmas decorations made from shop bought felt, Knitting, Fused Glass items other than jewellery, Ceramics, Glass Painting, Silk Painting, Greetings Cards, Encaustic Art and soon to be added are Enamelling and machine embroidery.

However things need to happen for this work to go onto the next level. We need to help them through the transition to become an established enterprise where they are covering all the costs and still making a surplus to invest in the work. We have opened a shop attached to the Blue House in Bulgaria but the economy out there is still in desperate need with little disposable income after living expenses are paid. Unless we can help in the UK with sales then there is great possibility that all these projects will eventually end! This would be so sad with the quality and diversity of items that have been reached.

The quality is excellent! As they have been taught a skill they work and work until they reach a standard that quite honestly could be sold in any Art or Craft shop and certainly is more than worth the prices we are asking for them.

If this project continues and develops it has the potential of being the ongoing supporter of the work at the Blue House providing the vital and necessary help that is needed in the community and beyond.

Also, the Bulgarians would prefer to be able to help themselves and not to simply have to keep relying on charity. At the end of the day… it’s all about dignity!

Please will you consider helping? Here are a collection of pictures of items that have been made in Bulgaria. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look. Orders can be taken for specific colours and designs and you can potentially design your own item. For example you may desire a particular colour combination for a special event. You may prefer a geometrical design or flowers… the possibilities are endless.

On behalf of Bulgaria and myself I want to thank the many artistic and creative people who have helped establish these projects. Without you it would never have been possible! You have indeed used your time, energy, finances and skills to serve God and help a nation that is considerably worse off than ours.

May God Bless you! 

Chris Clarke – Co-founder, Krasif Aid Charity